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Welcome to Polished Rides & Ceramic Coatings, where we specialize in restoring your vehicle’s flawless finish with precision and care. Paint touch-ups are a meticulous process that addresses minor scratches, chips, and blemishes on your car’s exterior. Unlike traditional body shops, our targeted approach ensures your car regains its pristine look without the need for extensive and costly repairs.

Why choose us for Paint Touch-ups ?

Our expert technicians use top-of-the-line materials and techniques to seamlessly blend new paint with your car’s original color, delivering results that are virtually undetectable. Not only do we pride ourselves on quality, but we also offer these services at just a fraction of the price charged by conventional body shops. With Polished Rides & Ceramic Coatings, you can drive confidently knowing your vehicle looks its best without breaking the bank. Speak with us today at 954-590-0130 and we’ll show you the difference our expertise can make!

Paint Touch-up Packages

Each paint touch-up will begin with an inspection of the car to provide the highest quality of work within your budget. Our paint touch-up process includes:

  • Basic clean to the area
  • Remove any loose debris
  • Professionally color match the area utilizing our enhanced paint color system to ensure the repair blends seamlessly into the rest of the car.
  • Apply the paint with a precision application method
  • Clear coat applied and cured for 24 hours*
  • The Premium package includes wet sanding and polishing to achieve the maximum protection and appearance of your vehicles finish.




$150 (Price can vary depending on the condition and number of the areas to be serviced)

This package includes a decontamination of the problem area to remove any loose debris. An accurate color match and a precision application of the paint is applied to the car. The area is then smoothed, and another paint application is performed, if needed.


$250 (Price can vary depending on the condition and number of areas to be serviced)

This package includes the basic touch-up, in addition to the clear coat application and wet sanded and polish. This is recommended for deep scratches/chips that reach the body of the car.

Ready to restore your vehicle’s flawless finish?

Call and speak directly with the owners at 954-590-0130 to schedule a free inspection and quote. You will be surprised to see our paint touch-ups are less expensive then you think. Let us show you how Polished Rides & Ceramic Coatings can make your car look brand new.

We service all of South Florida Tri-county

Call us today and see the difference our expertise can make! If you have questions that aren’t answered on our FAQ page, just ask. We love shop-talk and consultations are fee.


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