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Welcome to Polished Rides & Ceramic Coatings, the South Florida leader for restoring the brilliance of your vehicle’s paint finish. Our specialized paint correction services effectively remove imperfections such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, water spots, etching, and holograms. These common defects can make your vehicle’s paint look dull, faded, and lifeless, significantly reducing its gloss and clarity.

At Polished Rides & Ceramic Coatings, we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail and our commitment to excellence. Using state-of-the-art abrasive compounds and polishes, we expertly level the paint surface to eliminate defects and restore the original shine and depth of your vehicle’s paint. Our skilled technicians are trained in the latest techniques to ensure a flawless finish that will make your car look as good as new.

We also specialize in precisely matching the manufacturer’s color in corrected areas, ensuring seamless integration with the rest of your vehicle’s paintwork. Our advanced color-matching technology guarantees that the corrected areas blend perfectly, maintaining the uniformity and beauty of your car’s appearance.

Paint Correction Packages

Each paint correction starts with an in-depth, thorough exterior cleaning. This includes:

  • An in-depth foam pre-soak and heavy decontamination wash and rinse of the vehicle, removing bugs, tar, sap, and all other loose dirt.
  • Thorough clay bar and chemical fallout removal treatment, resulting in a squeaky clean and smooth paint surface.
  • Full tire, wheel, and wheel well cleaning and detailing.
  • Cleaning and polishing of exhaust tips to remove carbon buildup and restore shine.
  • Degreasing and detailing of door jambs.

Once the thorough cleaning is completed, then the paint correction will begin. Depending on the package you choose will determine the polishing and protection that is applied to your vehicle.




One-step Correction & Protection

Sedan $400 │ Midsize $500 │ Full size $600

This package includes an extensive one-step correction process that removes many surface defects, like swirl marks, oxidation, and paint transfer while greatly improving the gloss and shine of the paint. Excellent option for those with a smaller budget looking to get the maximum return for the most modest investment.

Recommended for: Newer vehicles that arrived from the factory or dealership with defects, yearly service on well kept vehicles that are exposed to the elements frequently, light colored cars, vehicles being prepared for sale to maximize value.

Two-step Correction & Protection

Sedan $600 │ Midsize $750 │ Full size $900

This package includes a much more thorough two-step correction process for a more drastic improvement. Paint is compounded to remove scratches, hazing, etching and other paint defects. Paint is then polished to refine the finish and bring out an astonishing gloss, clarity, and depth. In many cases, this will provide a near perfect finish.

Recommended for: Poorly maintained vehicles needing more serious defect removal, darker colored cars, just purchased used cars, vehicles being prepared for ceramic coating protection application.

Restoration & Protection

In person consultation and inspection required.
Multiple stages of paint correction including wet sanding, compounding and polishing are performed to remove heavy defects, level the paint and provide a truly intense restoration to a deeply damaged finish. This time consuming and labor-intensive process ensures that your paint will be as defect-free as possible.

Recommended for: Those wanting the best of the best, very poorly maintained or neglected vehicles where deeply marred and dull paint requires deeper paint restoration, vehicles being prepared for ceramic coating protection application.

Why choose us for Paint Correction?

Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We use only the best products and tools in the industry, ensuring long-lasting results. Additionally, our personalized service means we take the time to understand your specific needs and provide tailored solutions. Trust Polished Rides & Ceramic Coatings to bring back the stunning look of your vehicle, enhancing its appearance and value. Contact us today at 954-590-0130 and experience the difference.

What are swirl marks in a car paint finish?

Swirl marks are a mass of tiny scratches that may appear like actual scratches under a microscope. They often appear on the surface of the top layer of your paint. Improper washing or drying techniques are the most common culprits behind swirl marks.

What is a hologram in a car paint finish?

Holograms are a specific type of scratch pattern resulting from the use or misuse of a rotary polisher. Holograms have that distinctive three dimensional look in the paint finish when exposed to direct sunlight. 

Does wax hide swirls and holograms?

The consensus among detailers and DIY experiences is you can cover them up, but never remove them. As you wash the car and the wax or polish comes off and the holograms will appear again.

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